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It use to be that anal sex and anal penetration were stereotypically attributed to gay men. However, that is no longer the case. Straight men, straight women, and lesbians all enjoy anal penetration. Some have anal sex, but many use anal toys for erotic stimulation and a feeling of fullness.

There are many forms of anal sex toys and which one you should get all depends on what you want going through your back door.

Butt Plugs are designed to literally plug your anus. Many people enjoy a sense of fullness in their rectum because it stimulates them more during intercourse. Butt plugs are better for that than dildos, which are mainly designed for in-and-out penetration. A few fun anal plugs are the inflatable Anal Explorer, the Beginner's Vibrating Butt Plug or the Anal Pleasures Kit, also designed for beginners.

Prostate / G-spot Anal Toys are designed to stimulate these sensitive areas via the ass. A woman's g-spot can be stimulated through the anus with specific anal toys that are curved at the end. The man's prostate, located about 2 inches into the anus and toward the belly, is a source for truly erotic sexual stimulation in men. If this is the sensation you're going for, then curved anal toys designed for this type of anal play are the way to go, such as the Anal Mini Tongue Vibrator, Dr. Joel Kaplan's Prostate Massager, or the Basix Rubber Works in blue, pink, red, or purple.

Anal Dildos are much like vaginal dildos, but are specifically designed for anal play. You may use a regular dildo, but it's not recommended as you may lose the dildo in the rectum. Anal dildos are designed with a wide base to prevent this from happening. Anal dildos are used much like regular dildos, to create in-and-out penetration of the anus. An anal dildo may be hand-held, strap-on, or even a vibrator. Whichever you choose for your anal stimulation is entirely up to you, but we highly recommend the Booty Bandit, which comes in blue or lavender, the Deluxe Venus Butterfly, and Love with a Twist.

Anal Beads are a length of beads attached by a string that are placed in the anus until the receiver approaches orgasm. Just before ecstasy, the beads are pulled out slowly in order to intensify the orgasm. New anal beads, known as Anal Stalks, aren't connected by a string, but are rather a continuous piece of material, such as steal, to prevent breakage and bacteria collection. They are generally safer and last longer than old-fashioned butt beads. Try Fun Factory Bendy Beads, Booty Beads in black or pink, or Flexi Felix in pink or candy blue for your anal erotica.

If you're looking for all over stimulation of the vagina, g-spot, clitoris and anus, don't forget there are fun toys for that too! Try the Rabbit Pearl Plus, a triple action vibrator that will come at you from all directions.

If you're new to anal sex or sex toys, there are a few things you must know before beginning your back door romp.

1. Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate. Then lubricate some more! We cannot stress this enough. While the vagina is self-lubricating, the anus is not. A really thick water-based lubricant is essential for anal play, and, in case you were wondering, spit and water do not count as lubrication. Excellent lubricants to consider would be Anal Eaze Inserts, Moist Anal Lube, Moist Gel, and others. It's also very important not to use numbing lubricants, as it's possible to cause real damage to the anus that you wouldn't be able to feel, which can be very dangerous.

2. Use sex toys specifically designed for anal play. While regular vaginal dildos work for anal stimulation, it is not wise to use them as they can become lost inside the rectum. That makes for a dangerous, painful, and embarrassing situation when you make that trip to the emergency room and require surgery. You know the surgeons will be laughing at you while you're under anesthesia. So, be smart. Use sex toys that are designed to be used anally. These typically have a wide base to prevent the toy from getting swallowed up too deeply.

3. Start small and work your way up. A newbie to anal can be injured by a toy that is too large. It's important to choose a toy that is smaller and then graduate to larger ones until you find the size that pleasures you the most.

4. Go slow and easy. Don't try to plow your ass or anyone else's the first or second time around. The anus is very sensitive and incredibly tight. Be gentle to it.

5. Clean your anal toys thoroughly, because, well, that's just gross. You know what's up there, right?

6. Speaking of what's up there, some people find anal icky because of, well, what's up there. If you're concerned about things getting a little gross, be sure to use the bathroom beforehand and give yourself a home enema. That will clean out the pipes and prevent embarrassment.

7. Never, and we do mean NEVER EVER, switch an anal toy into a vaginal toy. If you plan on using a dildo or vibrator for vaginal and anal use, be sure you have two different sex toys to only be used for it's designated purpose. What we mean is, one is for the vagina, and only for the vagina, and one is for the anus, and only for the anus, even after you've washed it. There is bacteria in the anus that can cause serious infections in the vagina, and that puts quite a damper on your future anal sex play.

Don't let all these rules frighten you. As long as you follow them and pick the right anal sex toys and take it slow and easy, you're sure to enjoy true ecstasy you never thought possible.

If you're unsure of where to begin, there are several beginners kits available, including the Anal Pleasures Kit or the Legend Toyz Anal Trainer Kit.

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