Clitoral Stimulation With Fingers


Whether it’s during foreplay or while you’re penetrating her, the clitoris is a vital erogenous zone on the female genitalia. To ignore it is sexual suicide, but to stimulate it just right will make her soar with a unique and powerful orgasm that will leave her completely satisfied.

Not all men understand the need to give the clitoris the attention it needs. Many men believe penetration is the key to an orgasm, but the truth is that there are many key spots on and in a woman’s vagina that need to be pleased in just the right way in order to have that mind-blowing orgasm. A few men, however, know that the clitoris is of vital importance, but don’t know how to stimulate it just right to make her moan and beg for more.

The first thing you must remember when stimulating the clitoris is that it’s extremely sensitive. This is both good and bad, good because even the slightest touch will send shivers through her body, and bad because you must be careful to be extremely gentle and not apply too much pressure. You don’t want to hurt her!

The great thing about clitoral stimulation is that you can do it just about anywhere to let her know you’re in the mood and make her squirm in anticipation. A gentle rub between her thighs over her clothes will feel incredibly erotic. You’ll know she’s responding well if she presses your hand against yours or begins squeezing her thighs together around your hand to increase pressure and make sure you don’t try to get away. It could be as simple as she begins to gyrate her hips a little bit, closes her eyes, and perhaps begins to bite her lip.

The juices are now flowing.

Don’t go in for the finale just yet, though. Keep it slow, gentle, and steady. Outer-course is just as important as intercourse, if not more important. “Bumping and Grinding” is just what the clitoris needs to swell and make her warm, wet, and willing.

Eventually you’ll both find yourselves naked, or at least she will be. Clitoral stimulation should continue, at least off and on, during foreplay. You can do this a number of ways, rubbing against her with your body, for example, but we’re going to focus on using your fingers in this particular article.

During foreplay, while you’re kissing, nibbling, and caressing, you should occasionally touch or tickle her clitoris slightly and randomly. Remember how we said it’s very sensitive? This simple act will tease and please her.

Take your fingers, well lubricated (use the juice from her vagina as this will stimulate her labia and is, well, convenient), and gently place them on the hood of her clitoris. Slowly move your fingers in circular motions, gradually building up speed and pressure and watch her squirm. You should be hearing a lot of “Mmmmm….” and “Ahhhhh” at this point.

Change it up a bit, though, guys. Keep her guessing. For many women, the key to fabulous sexual stimulation and orgasm is the element of surprise. Take two fingers like scissors and place them on either side of the clitoris. Move your fingers up and down to rub her the right way, remembering to be gentle and stick with a steady rhythm. Then you can try penetrating her with your fingers (two will do), and using your thumb to gently stroke her clitoris in sexy, circular motions. You may just make her come at this point.

isn’t just for foreplay, though. There are many positions during intercourse that don’t offer enough clitoral stimulation to offer full, sexual satisfaction to a woman. If you notice she’s cooling off a bit or that her clitoris is being ignored, lubricate your fingers with a little saliva or vaginal juices and begin rubbing her like you did during foreplay. Use the technique you got the biggest and best response from. She may even decide to help you, pressing your hand or guiding it to enhance her pleasure. Pay attention, because she’s teaching you how to please her.

Clitoral stimulation with fingers

Don’t stop. Keep the rhythm, change it up, or tickle her gently for a tease, but do not stop unless she directs you to or she explodes with an intense, spine tingling orgasm that will leave you both fully satisfied and spent.

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