Sexual Positions For Overweight People


She’s got some junk in her trunk, and you display evidence of a love for beer. But just because the two of you have extra weight on you doesn’t mean you aren’t turned on by each other. While sex is a more difficult task, depending on just how overweight you both are, it’s by no means an impossible feat. In fact, there are positions that are perfect for you and your mate, so perfect, in fact, that you may find that you indulge in sex much more often.

Have you ever heard the phrase “more cushion for the pushin'”? It’s a term coined by men who enjoy women who are much larger than others. In this case, however, we’re referring to a way to modify certain sexual positions in order to make them more accessible to overweight couples, such as the missionary position.

While we realize the missionary position isn’t exactly the hottest position out there, it’s classic and will get you off none-the-less. In the case of overweight couples, you just need a little elevation. Use pillows under her juicy butt to lift her to the best angle for penetration. Don’t enter her right away, though. Remember the importance of foreplay, especially if you know she’s sensitive about her body and weight. Enjoy her body, and let her know you’re doing it. Caress and appreciate every inch of her body, and make her more comfortable and turned on. Once you know she’s ready for your man meat, enter her and take it slow and steady at first. As you get the position right and get the rhythm going, try throwing one of her legs over your shoulder for deeper penetration.

Just because you’re both a bit larger doesn’t mean you have to limit yourselves to one position. There’s a sexual position that many couples, large and small, enjoy very much where the woman lies down on her side in the fetal position. The man then comes at her on all fours, above her body, and enters her. You can use the pillows here again by placing them under her hip, if she’s comfortable with it, to elevate her vagina to the perfect angle for penetration. This position is not only great for couples that are overweight, but also just for a little variety. The vagina and g-spot will be stimulated in new and exciting ways, while also giving you access to her clitoris with your fingers. Just slide your hand between her legs and rub it in circles. She’ll go wild for that!

Many people would immediately think of a Cowgirl position (woman on top) when considering sex as an overweight couple. However, some couples, depending on how large they might be, have difficulty with this position as well. The Cowgirl (or Reverse Cowgirl) will work for you with just a little modification. This time, the ladies are in charge, so men, get on your backs and let her take over. If necessary, prop up your rump with pillows and allow her to mount you. Have her lean back and ride you like a pony, resting her weight on her hands behind her. The method here is a lot of grinding and riding, and it’ll get you both off in ways you’ve never experienced before. If you still want to shake things up a bit, have her face your feet and ride you some more in the Reverse Cowgirl position. This will also give you the opportunity to relish in the sight of her juicy butt.

Speaking of that juicy butt, it’s time for the position that makes so many men wild and animal-like. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the infamous Doggy Style is absolutely perfect for overweight couples. Gentlemen with harder pot bellies may have difficulty with this position, but the soft and squishy amongst you will have no trouble executing this maneuver.

Have your lady get down on all fours, making sure she’s comfortable. Come from behind, but before entering her, make sure you squeeze and caress her rump. Tickle her spine with your fingers and reach underneath to caress her breasts as you enter her. Like the fetal position, this is the perfect time to massage her clitoris and make her come all over you.

Now that you have learned some helpful and truly erotic sexual positions, it’s time to talk to each other about sex and become comfortable exploring your bodies, if you aren’t already. Make it a regular activity between you to spice up your love life and strengthen your relationship. Learn to appreciate your body and your partner’s, feel more comfortable and confident in the bed, increase your stamina and maybe even lose a little weight in the process. They say sex is the ultimate form of exercise, and it sure beats running on a treadmill or doing sit-ups!

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