What Women Really Think About Sex


Talk to any woman about sex, and you’ll get a myriad of answers. Some don’t comment, while others could talk all day with great detail. Some like it rough while others prefer sensual love-making. Sometimes, what they say they’re into may not be the truth.

What if we could know what women, on average, think about sex if they were asked anonymously? With 4,000 women polled, here’s the dirt!


Surprisingly enough, a man’s looks don’t seem to factor in very much to women. 42% of women are more concerned with their own looks than those of a lover. About 17% say looks don’t matter, and the rest say looks are very important.

How Many Partners?

After watching “Sex and the City“, you probably think single women are promiscuous. While virgins are rare, about 3% said they were untapped resources, 33% of women have only had 2-5 lovers. 21% admit around 6-10, while 17% said they’re “good girls” with only one partner. 12% have had 11-20 lovers, and only 14% claim Samantha status, with 20+ partners.


It may surprise you that, despite media fed fears, 70% of women have never had an STD! About 23% have admitted to one STD, and 8% said they need to be tested.

Gynecological Visits

Women are encouraged to see their OBGYN once a year, and 54% of women follow this guideline. 17% go when they remember, and 16%, affected by the healthcare crisis, go when their budgets permit.

Sex Ed.

Most people say the best resources for sex education are gynecologists. Surprisingly, doctors came in 3rd for where women receive sexual health information. Books and magazines came in second, and the Internet came in 1st.

Lost Virginity

It may not come as a surprise that 56% of women say they lost their virginity at 15-18 years old, while 23% said they were 19-21. The rest? Well, 14% admitted they were under 14! The remaining women polled declined to answer, which really makes you wonder…

How’s the Sex?

We all know that “sexually active” doesn’t mean “sexually satisfied”. Thankfully, 45% of women are satisfied with their current lover. 43% say their partner is absolutely phenomenal in the sack, and the remaining 12% admitted their lover is “bad in bed”.

How Often?

Many people believe that “how often” is just as important as the “how good”. Is that the case? The results show that it really depends on you. Women polled were evenly split with 32% having sex 1-2 times per week, 24% less than 2x/month, 23% more than twice a week, and 20% about 1-2 times/month.

“Not Tonight, Honey.”

In the film “What Women Want“, Mel Gibson hears the thoughts of a colleague who enjoys faking headaches to get out of sex with her husband.

Funnily enough, “I have a headache” didn’t even come up. At the top, about 30% of women say “no” because they’re “too tired”. Next is “stress” at 26%. Thankfully, only 8% of women admitted that kids interfered with sex!

Sex After Kids

Has sex changed since having a baby? According to 50% of women, the sex hasn’t changed at all. A fortunate 30% said the sex has improved, and 21% of women admit the sex has gone down hill since the baby was born.

Painful Sex

Thankfully, painful sex wasn’t listed as one of the reasons women turn down an evening romp, and that’s because women mostly report pain free sex, with 49% of women stating that sex never hurts, and 41% admitting that it only hurts sometimes.

Does Size Matter?

It’s the age-old question that’s birthed penis pumps and enhancers. But do women really care? 33% said they don’t care about size. Do I hear a sigh of relief? Only 1/4 of women say that a small penis doesn’t do it for them, and about 7% say they don’t like a large penis. Just how large are we talking, ladies?

Embarrassing Moments

What’s the most humiliating thing that can happen during sex? According to women, in order of worst to least, are bodily noises, vaginal odor, and objects getting “stuck”. The fourth was merely cited as “other”, which, after foreign objects, really leaves one wondering what people are doing behind closed doors!

Mind-Blowing Sex

When was the last time you had mind-blowing sex? Yesterday? 2006? The Reagan administration? Out of the women polled, 60% said they had phenomenal sex very recently. 31% said it was a year ago, and a mere 9% said they’ve never had great sex.


“Three’s Company”, or “Three’s a Crowd?” That depends on who you ask, but 60% of women said they don’t like having guests for dessert. 20% of women admitted to having a three-some, and the remaining 20% have thought about it. Whether or not the guest was male or female, however, was not specified.


If you’re to believe “Girls Gone Wild“, every woman experiments with her girlfriends. Sorry guys, but 61% of women say they’ve never “messed around” with another woman while 24% say they’ve “kissed” a girl. The remaining 15% admit to full girl-on-girl action.


So women don’t go for other women, and don’t like three-somes, but how many have disobeyed a commandment? When it comes to cheating, 36% of women have admitted to it, 30% have never cheated, but about 1/2 admit that they’ve thought about it. The rest declined to answer…

Vaginal, Oral, Anal?

Ask your girlfriends, and you’ll get mixed answers. Some enjoy anal, while others say “exit only!”. Roughly 60% of women are “traditional” and prefer vaginal intercourse. Surprising? Well, 18% said “put it wherever”, and just behind them, 17%, said they prefer oral sex. Whether that was giving or receiving wasn’t specified. Anal? Sorry to disappoint, but only 4% enjoyed taking it from behind.


Which form of experimentation is favorite amongst women? 46% of women say they use sex toys to spice things up; 7% enjoy filming their evening romp, and 4% say they swing! The remaining 43% cited “Other”. Kinky!

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