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Dildos, like vibrators, are sex toys designed for penetration of the vagina or anus. Unlike the vibrators, however, dildos do not vibrate. There are many different styles, sizes, colors and shapes, depending upon your preference, however. Some people even sometimes prefer a dildo over a vibrator.

There's a dildo for every person's tastes, whether you want one you can strap on and use on yourself, or one that you can use on someone else. The choices are unending, much like the orgasm you can achieve while using one.

Dildos are used for various sexual misdeeds, including rubbing against the clitoris, head of the penis, or scrotum. It's most often used for vaginal penetration and stimulation of the g-spot, although many people like to use them for anal penetration. A word to the wise; if you use a dildo for anal penetration, be sure to use plenty of good lubrication.

Here are some of the dildos you may find enticing, they range in various sizes and textures, and are made of different materials like silicone (easy to clean), rubber (use with a condom), glass, and life-like materials designed to feel like the real thing. There are benefits to all of them, and you should choose which feel you prefer for your penetration pleasure.

Double Dong Dildos are generally used for double penetration, whether you're looking for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration or you and your partner both want to indulge. There are many varieties. Some are just basic dildos that are double tipped, such as the Double Dong with Vertebra in blue and pink, for solo fun or with a lover. Others are strap-ons, like the enticing Double Delight Strap-on. If you and your partner desire simultaneous penetration and stimulation, a double dong might just be what you need to achieve simultaneous orgasm. If your partner enjoys taking it in at both ends, you can try another strap on known as the Double Penetrator Dildo, which penetrates the vagina and anus simultaneously.

Feels Like Skin Dildos are just like you'd think; they feel like the real thing. They are made of materials designed to create a dildo that looks and feels like a real penis. It's as close as you can get to the real thing without the real thing! We have several, including ones with suction cups, like the All American Whopper and the Black on Black Natural Cock Dildo. There are also basic hand-held dildos like the Cyberskin Extreme Cock and the Cyberskin Gonzo Cock. As you can see in our online catalog, some dildos even have the balls for added stimulation. And if you really want to feel like your dildo is a real penis, try the Adam and Eve Cock Shooter Ejaculating Dong, which, as the name suggests, ejaculates.

G-Spot Dildos are dildos that are curved at the end for easier g-spot stimulation. They come in a variety of styles and colors, such as the Adam and Eve Ladies' Curvy G, the Fun Factory Curve in violet or pink, or the Fun Factory Whirly, which looks like a dolphin.

Strap-on Dildos are usually meant for you and your partner. You can wear them to penetrate your partner's vagina or ass, or you can wear them so the dildo is inside of your own vagina for masturbatory pleasure. Some strap on dildos are designed to be strapped onto the thigh, face, or furniture. The varieties are endless, which means endless possibilities for you and your wild night. Some you might find enticing are the Fetish Fantasy Crotchless Corset Strap-ons in a variety of colors and styles, the Pipedream Extreme Toyz Girl-on Girl Strap-on, or, if you're feeling really kinky, the Purple Delight Hollow Strap-on for Him or Her.

Glass Dildos sound a little frightening, but rest assured they are perfectly safe and more hygienic than other materials used for dildos. You can even control the temperature of the dildo, making it warm or cold, whichever delights your erogenous zones. Try the Don Wand Lattachino Vortex, which is a treat for the eyes and the vagina, or the Icicles Turquoise Twister with added textures to rev up your engines.

Almost any dildo can be used in the anus, but it's best to use one specifically designed for the anus as some dildos tend to "get lost" in the rectum. If you desire to place a dildo inside of your anus and leave it there, as opposed to thrusting in and out actions, try a butt plug instead.

So which of these sex toys tickles your fancy?

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