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History of Sex Part 1

The history of sex is as long and tangled as one might expect. It is marred by the interference of religion and government - in fact, one might be shocked by how open minded and free people in ancient times were about their sexual beings.

That's right - rewind a ways to the beginning of civilized history and you'll find a world that viewed sexual love as divine. Our sexual selves were viewed as God like and that power and strength could be harnessed and wielded if we were properly sexually awakened.

It is interesting to note that for as long as people have been having sex, they've been finding new and interesting ways to do it - and that includes the implementation of adult toys!

While they seem more modern, the use of sex toys can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where dildos were made of stone, tar, wood, or any other materials that could reasonably be molded into phallic shapes and used for penetration. The most popular form often credited with being the first dildo was the olisbos, which tradesmen sold to women around the Mediterranean.

Art of the times back up these claims, as does some of the literature. Anyone who's ever read a Greek play can tell you a thing or two about sexual identity.

Vase art and paintings popular thousands of years ago depicted what would be considered acts of debauchery even by today's standards - and these were highly coveted works of art displayed with great pride. These images included, among other things, dildos being used during group sex, a woman using one to masturbate, even two women making love.

Popular literature of the time depicts numerous mentions of sex toys - Aristophanes, for instance, though to be a Greek master of old comedy, wrote the edgy Lysistrata sometime around 411 B.C. The story is set around the women of Greece who, convinced by Lysistrata, agree to withhold sex from their husbands in order to coerce them into bringing about peace. Wacky hijinks, of course, ensue, but it is worth noting that the frankness of speech, open acknowledgment of female sexual aids (the women are forced to use dildos to see to their own needs during the drought), and explicit writing would seem outrageous by today's standards, and this was thousands upon thousands of years ago!

Contrary to what history books impart, these most ancient of times were hedonistic and free, the people believing in many Gods instead of just one. These Gods were believed to possess great sexuality themselves, and so it was equated that to be sexual was to be God-like. The heavy handedness of the church, preaching its message of sexual shame and repression, was not yet a glimmer in the eye, and people still lived and breathed with uninhibited movement.

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