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History of Sex Part 2

If you're reading this, you've probably already gotten through the History of Sex: Part 1 and are dying to know what happens! Well, as you might imagine, the church stuck its nose in our business and generally ruined everyone's good time.

Sexual freedom was now viewed as lewd, unbecoming, and generally an unfavorable trait in society. Women who liked sex soon began to be viewed as 'hysterical' or became prostitutes. New religions and new views of the term 'God' and what it was to be eclipsed the ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian views of sex as holy and paying tribute to the highly sexualized Gods they worshipped.

The Bible, with the Book of Genesis, and the story of Adam and Eve, sought to crush the sexual freedom and independence out of men, but especially women, turning their natural, healthy desires into feelings of shame.

However, despite the introduction of religious piety and sexual disapproval, people still wanted to have sex, and as we all know, where there's a will, there's a way.

Around 300 A.D. people began needing lube. Of course, lube had not been invented yet (KY wouldn't begin marketing its lubricant until 1980), but horny people are inventive, if nothing else, and began using olive oil as a lubricant. It was originally thought to increase chances of contraception, but like many inventions was found to serve a dual purpose. In a pinch, some couples will still use it to this day.

Fast forward to 500 A.D., and you'll find the introduction of Ben Wa balls. Like most of the first sex toys, these balls were intended to increase a man's sexual pleasure during intercourse. And like most of man's favorite toys, women found a way to turn them into something practical - a pair of Ben Wa balls could be used to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which increased sexual pleasure for both the man and the woman.

It wasn't until the 1200s that the world was introduced to the first cock ring. They are thought to be Chinese in origin and originally crafted from the eyelids of goats, leaving the eyelashes attached. Much as feathers have often thought to be an enticing addition to sexual intercourse, the eyelashes served to heighten pleasure when used during sex.

Remember the Olisbo, the first Greek dildo that was sold to lonely women who hung out down by the docks in the Mediterranean? Well, in the 1400s, the Italians coined the term 'dildo,' though why, exactly, is heavily debated. Some assume it is from the Latin, 'dilitare,' which literally means 'to open wide.' Others think that the Italians took it from their own language, 'diletto,' meaning 'to delight,' which would certainly be appropriate under the circumstance. Whatever the origins of the word, it came about during the Renaissance and as these Italian dildos were made of wood or leather, they naturally required lots and lots of lube - conveniently olive oil was in abundance in Italy.

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