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Imagine you're hot and bothered and all alone one evening. Perhaps you're on a business trip, or maybe your significant other is out for the night with friends. You've made the mistake of watching some late night Cinemax or have just allowed your mind to wander a bit too much. Suddenly, you're hot and bothered with no hope of release. You need some gratification, and you need it now! With no sex toys around, but some regular every day objects, and perhaps a quick trip to a local 24 hour drug store, you could get off by yourself in no time at all.

How can you do this? Homemade Sex Toys are becoming more and more popular. Whether you are too embarrassed to shop for a dildo, or you didn't bring your best pocket pussy on your business trip, there are ways to make homemade sex toys with regular everyday items.

Imagine making a wonderful masturbation device for men using a plastic cup, a couple of wet sponges, and some lotion. You can buy these items at your local grocery store! Bring them home and make a cock pleasing toy you're sure to try again and again. Simply take a plastic cup that fits you, wet two large sponges with warm water, place them into the cup and add some lotion or lubricant inside. Take the cup, insert your penis and thrust away until you reach an exciting orgasm.

While that seems like a pretty easy solution to what might've been a hot and bothered, sexual release free night, there are even simpler solutions for men and women. If you have a throbbing penis that needs some release, take a plastic bag and squirt lubricant or lotion inside. Roll it up in a towel to prevent a mess, and place it all under a couch cushion or mattress. Insert your penis, and press down on the cushion or mattress for additional tightness. Then thrust like you would if you were taking your lover from behind until you reach your ecstasy.

For women, it can be as simple as taking a regular everyday electrical device and using it as a vibrating clitoral stimulator. If you're stranded in a hotel room with no one around to get you off, use your electric toothbrush as a vibrator. Don't worry. Most hotels have complimentary toothbrushes in the bathroom or at the front desk by request, so you can easily have something clean to brush your teeth with in the morning. Simply take your toothbrush, turn it on and gently hold it against your clitoris, labia, and even insert the bristles or handle into your vagina for an erotic vibrating orgasm.

If you really don't want to mess up your favorite toothbrush, consider using the vibrating feature of your cell phone. You can do this alone or with a friend, even if he or she is thousands of miles away. If you're on your own, program your cell phone's alarm feature to go off every minute or so and make sure you set the phone to the vibrate feature. Wrap the phone in a paper towel or thin washcloth to prevent a mess and hold it against your clitoris and labia. Allow the alarms to go off until you get off. If you'd like to involve a partner, what better way to have phone sex than to have your lover call your cell phone over and over again until you call back to alert him of the amazing orgasm you just received. Special thanks are due, naturally. Talk dirty to him on the phone while he thrusts at the couch, imagining he's taking you from behind.

You can even combine homemade sex toys with adult toys you purchase from a sex shop, such as And just like sex toys you can buy, homemade sex toys can be used alone or with a partner. Try a three way with a cucumber or a warm melon with a hole scooped out. Your partner can enjoy the fruits and vegetables and you can receive some tasty oral stimulation in return.

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