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How do lesbians have sex? That's a question that's asked quite often, mostly among men who can't imagine how a woman could feel sexual pleasure and orgasm without penetration and thrusting man meat.

Sorry, guys, but your penis isn't the only tried and true route to orgasm. In fact, many women who have played for both teams will say that orgasm achieved with their lesbian partner were far more intense and gratifying than those they received with men.

How is this possible? Who better to know how to satisfy a woman than another woman?

We won't lie, though. Lesbian lovers, while excellent bed fellows, sometimes require, or simply enjoy, a little help from sex toys specifically designed to enhance oral sex, intercourse, fisting, anal, and grinding.

Oral Sex is probably the first type of sex play that springs to mind when imagining or fantasizing about lesbian sexual encounters. Oral sex between lesbians is when one partner goes down on the other to lick, stroke, and suck on her vagina. Sometimes this is foreplay, but it's often a fantastically erotic route to extreme orgasmic release. While simple licking, sucking, and fingering are often all that's needed for some fabulous oral satisfaction, some lesbian couples enjoy using a few toys and sexual enhancers to spice things up a bit. Lotions and lubricants are one way to allow the oral giver something tasty to enjoy, aside from the moans of ecstasy from her pleased lover. Many lubricants and lotions are flavored, such as Flavored Moist and Head Job Oral Sex Lotion. Rub a little of this on her clitoris or labia, and lick your way to dessert. While you're at it, your fingers might get a little tired, so it might be a good idea to have a g-spot vibrator or dildo handy to stroke her g-spot, such as the 7 Function Ultimate G-spot Kit or the Jelly Crystal Passion G-spot Probe. A combination of one of these with your warm, wet tongue are sure to make her moan with pleasure.

Intercourse between lesbians, at first glance, doesn't seem possible, especially where men are concerned. However, there are various sex toys that lesbians use in order to enjoy penetration without having a man present. After all, who wants a man around if all you want touching you is another woman. Furthermore, how can that beautiful seductive woman penetrate you, or how can you penetrate her? Can you penetrate each other simultaneously? The options are limitless, as are the wet encounters between you.

Dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons (Oh, My!) are fun ways to enhance sexual intercourse between lesbian lovers. There are dildos and vibrators that are designed to penetrate one of you, like the Long Distance Dolphin or the Adam & Eve Cyberglass Four Way G Swirl. Use one of these during oral play, or when your mouth is otherwise occupied with kissing and nibbling, but you still want her to get some clitoral and g-spot stimulation to keep her wet. If you prefer a hands-free approach, so your hands may explore her body during penetration, then strap-on dildos and vibrators, like the Fetish Fantasy Crotchless Strap-on and the Rabbit Pearl Strap-on will allow you to fuck her while nibbling and caressing her body. They also give you some added clitoral stimulation so you can potentially reach simultaneous orgasm. Speaking of simultaneous orgasm, if you both enjoy penetration, the use of double dong dildos is very popular amongst lesbians. Double dongs are double tipped dildos. Just insert one end into your vagina, and the other end into your partners and grind your way to ecstasy. Try the Posable G-spot Double Dong or, if you like the strap-on variety, why not try the Double Delight Strap-on for mutual, hands-free stimulation?

Another method of penetration without the use of sex toys is called fisting. While this is largely unexplored by most people, even lesbians, the best way to explore this method is to use lots of lubrication, whether you're exploring anal or vaginal fisting methods. Try Moist Anal Lube or Moist Gel. And if your lover is away and you despise a dildo shaped like a man's penis, perhaps you want to try the Basix Rubber Works Fist of Fury.

Anal sex isn't just for gay men. Straight men and women, and lesbians, enjoy anal stimulation and penetration during sex play. Butt plugs, vibrators and dildos are all great additions to any sexual romp between any gender combination of couples. There are many nerve endings in the anus, and sometimes just a simple dab of lubrication and a little rubbing or tickling during oral sex, or even a little lick, will get the juices flowing and the orgasm rising. Just remember to use lots of lubrication, like Moist Anal Lube, approach things slowly, and follow the tips laid out in Anal Sex Toys 101 for safe, erotic anal play.

Grinding is something that all couples do, whether during foreplay or just making out, or maybe just to let your partner know that your up for a little romp in the bedroom, or wherever you love to get down and dirty. For a woman, and lesbian couples, a little clitoral stimulation could be just the trick to turn an act of foreplay into an orgasmic adventure. There are many clitoral vibes, but the ones that will help best during grinding are the kind you can strap on to your body, such as butterflies. Butterflies are a great way for you to achieve simultaneous vaginal pleasure while making out and exploring each other's bodies while grinding. The Cloud 10 Venus Butterfly gives simultaneous clitoral, anal, and g-spot stimulation all while strapped onto your body. Try strapping one on to yourself and your lover while you roll around in the sheets, grinding and nibbling on each other as you reach orgasm in each other's arms.

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