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Sex toys and other accessories are a lot of fun in the bedroom, but of all the sex toys out there, vibrators are the most well-known and probably most widely used of all.

Whether you're indulging in some solo play or spicing things up with your partner, vibrators are a fun and exciting addition to your sex toy box. However, with so many vibrators out there, it's hard to know which one is right for you.

The best thing you can do is learn about the different kinds of vibrators out there (there are A LOT!) and try a few out that you think will get you going and help you achieve the orgasm you've always dreamed of.

Different Styles of Vibrators and their Uses

Traditional Vibrators are usually around 4-8 inches long and made of a hard-shell plastic, allowing you to feel more vibrations, and you definitely will! With multi-speed vibrations, you receive targeted stimulation in your favorite pleasure zones, whether they be internal or external. This type of vibrator is highly recommended for first timers and come in a variety of colors and sizes, such as the Happy Birthday Massager or the Lil Colors of Debi Vibrator in black, blue, silver, ivory, pink and red. Use one of these vibrators for focused pleasure, and you'll definitely see colors!

Dildo Vibrators are much like dildos, but battery operated for stimulating vibrations. Unlike the hard traditional vibrators, these feel like the real thing; they are made from silicone, jelly, or rubber and come in realistic, penis shapes with all the details, veins, bumps, and curves. How do they make them so realistic? They are usually molded from a real penis, generally porn stars! If you're indecisive on the style of penis you prefer, try the 5 Pack Vibrator set, all molded like real penises, it can be like being with a different man every night of the week, or five men at once!

Bullet & Egg Vibrators are small and discreet vibes that can be used anywhere on the body. These are usually meant for external clitoral stimulation for targeted pleasure, but can be used internally if a retrieval cord is attached. They are made of plastic or aluminum; some are coated with a soft rubber or jelly substance if you prefer something softer. If your mate enjoys a little vibration, you can also use a Bullet or Egg Vibrator to stimulate his scrotum during intercourse. Many are remote controlled, so he can hold it on while you control the vibrations. You can try the 5 Speed Pretty Pastel, which comes in a many different colors, or if you want a little variety, try Bullets Galore with three different bullets to choose from that come with jelly attachments designed to give different pleasurable vibes. It's sure to tickle your fancy.

Rabbit Vibrators became incredibly popular after they were featured on an episode of "Sex and the City". These vibrators are usually realistic looking, like dildo vibrators, but also have additional features, like rotating beads inside the shaft for intense g-spot stimulation, and "rabbit ears" on the outside to vibrate against the clitoris. 7th Heaven has designed many different styles of Rabbit Vibrators, such as the Eager Beaver, Double Beaded Bunny, and the Platinum Rabbit Pearl. Or you can try something a little silly and exotic and go for the Long Distance Dolphin which also uses a wireless remote!

G-spot Vibrators are much like traditional vibrators but they are curved at the end for targeted g-spot stimulation. Some are hard, others are soft, but one thing is certain - they are LONG! Did you know that your g-spot is the most intense erogenous zone on your entire body? That's why the Adam and Eve 5-in-1 finger vibe kit is so great; it has five different tip styles to stimulate your g-spot any way you desire.

Clitoral Vibrators are designed for, you guessed it, clitoral stimulation. While any vibrator can be used for the clitoris, these vibrators were specifically created for such use. Most are discreet and can be used during intercourse or during some fun solo play, can be wearable or hand-held, and deliver deep, intense, focused vibration to the clitoris. Clitoral Pumps, Butterflies and Pussy Pumps are great for clitoral stimulation, and are sure to get you wet and ready.

While stimulating your clitoris, you may also enjoy a little nipple stimulation. There are vibrators for that too! They come in many varieties: clamps, tweezers, and cups that suck, and they are multi-speed. Vibrating Nipple Super Suck Hers and Vibrating Nipples Pumps are two varieties that are sure to get you excited and hard. Is it cold outside?

Wands, like the Berman Aphrodite Rechargeable Massager, are another type of vibrator that look much like an electric body massager you'd find at most stores in the mall. They are meant for external use only and deliver intense clitoral stimulation.

Waterproof Vibrators, like the Aquatic Dancer, come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but the one thing they all have in common is that they can be used during those intimate under-the-sea moments. They are battery operated, but the battery compartment is sealed to keep the water out. But be aware; some waterproof vibrators are only good for shower use, and should not be submerged.

Discreet Vibrators are fun little vibes that look like everyday objects, like lipsticks and cell phones. Carry this around in your hand, and no one will know what it is! It's so taboo, and that's part of what makes it so exciting! Just be careful, when someone asks to borrow your hair brush, don't accidentally hand them our Vibrating Hair Brush. That could be embarrassing!

Dual Vibrators are double tipped vibrators for when you wish to play with your girlfriend. They allow an intimate encounter between the two of you while enjoying the sensations of a real penis. If you and your girlfriend are interested, try the Dual Vibrating Flexi-Dong. It's incredibly flexible, made from soft jelly, and delivers wireless vibrations at the touch of a button.

While many of the above vibrators can be used for anal play, there are specific Anal Vibrators that will stimulate a man's prostate or give a woman additional g-spot stimulation, such as the Anal Twister or Booty Bandit. If you've never indulged in anal play and you're just a little bit curious, using an anal vibrator will give you a little taste of it by yourself without the embarrassment.

A good vibrator that satisfies your particular tastes can be the source of nightly enjoyment for you and your partner for years to come. However, in order to maintain your favorite vibes, make sure you follow these tips for proper vibrating sex toy maintenance.

1. Wash your vibrator after every use with soap and water, or a special adult sex toy cleaner.
2. Remove batteries while in storage to avoid battery leakage and corrosion of your vibrator.
3. Store vibrators wrapped in a cloth or bag, not allowing it to touch other vibrators or toys, to avoid damage.
4. Inspect your vibrator for breakage routinely. Broken areas are breeding grounds for bacteria. Yuck!

So whether you need just a little clitoral stimulation to enhance intercourse with your partner, or a full-functioning vibrator and nipple suckers for solo play, there is a vibrator here that will supply you with continuous pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms.

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